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Welcome to the soulful rhythms and eclectic melodies of our Bohemian Beats, the signature music compilations carefully curated for the vibrant ambiance of the Bohemian. Immerse yourself in a musical journey that mirrors the artistic flair and unique style that define our unconventional haven.

Our Bohemian Beats collection blends global influences, embracing the rich tapestry of sounds from across cultures. The result is a seamless fusion of genres that mirrors the diverse and inclusive spirit of our Bohemian retreat.

As you wander through the eclectic spaces of the Bohemian, from the lush gardens to the vibrant poolside lounge, the music becomes a living, breathing part of the atmosphere. Feel the groove of jazz echoing through the palm trees, or let the mellow strains of blues serenade you as you relax in our Bohemian-inspired interiors.

Our playlists are thoughtfully curated to evolve throughout the day, matching the ebb and flow of the Bali sun. Rise to the uplifting beats of world music as you enjoy a leisurely breakfast, transition to laid-back acoustic tunes during the sun-drenched afternoons by the pool, and let the rhythmic energy of eclectic beats carry you into the enchanting evenings.

At the Bohemian, music is more than just a backdrop—it’s an integral part of the experience. The carefully selected tracks capture the essence of our unconventional space, inviting you to embrace the bohemian lifestyle and celebrate the fusion of artistry, style, and the spirit of Canggu. So, let the music guide you as you immerse yourself in the uniquely enchanting atmosphere of our Bohemian retreat.

A quiet joy

Still dreaming

World within worlds


Go easy

Velvet moon

The Dive

The art of living #1

Time Being